Launch of the Familiar Faces Initiative

The National Association of Counties (NACo) relaunched Data-Driven Justice as the Familiar Faces Initiative: Improving Outcomes through Coordinated Health and Justice Systems! The Familiar Faces Initiative will support and empower communities to share data between health and justice systems and coordinate care options for individuals with complex health and behavioral health conditions who frequently cycle through jails, homeless shelters, emergency departments and other crisis services. Data-sharing allows communities to identify people who need help, connect them with the right services and address underlying issues to break the cycle of incarceration and crisis.

At the event, NACo announced:

  • A Familiar Faces Initiative website, to serve as a central location for resources, events and announcements
  • A Community Message Board for questions and discussions with peers and experts around data-sharing efforts and programs for familiar faces
  • An Advisory Board of influential organizations and associations that will guide the initiative and coordinate messaging around familiar faces
  • Applications to the Familiar Faces Initiative Leadership Network, which will support local leaders in championing these efforts in their jurisdictions. Applications are due June 3rd, and
  • Stay tuned! Peer learning sites to model effective cross sector data-sharing and familiar faces programming.

We’re excited for you to join us in this next phase of the initiative! To learn more, please reach out to Nina Ward at

Access the event recording and materials here.